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Our Services 


Elite Cleaning Professionals is committed to meeting your unique cleaning needs while attending to the basics of a professional quality cleaning.  We strive to please you... our Mission Statement.




Cleaning Terms

  • We offer competitive rates and free estimates.

  • All equipment is supplied.

  • References are available upon request.

  • We offer bonus referrals for our existing customers.

  • Flexible cleaning schedule and frequency to meet your needs: one time, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Cleaning Specifics

We know each house and office is unique, as is the time of each client.  We value any amount of time you provide.  As a base cleaning we will automatically include every item under "standard cleaning".  But we are happy to include any "Custom Cleaning" requests.

*Standard Cleaning*

Entire House Cleaning

  • Remove fingerprints: doors frames,  light switches 

  • Dust:  blinds, baseboards, shelves, sills, ledges, pictures, light fixtures

  • Walls:  spot clean

  • Cobwebs:  remove

  • Trash containers:  empty and line

  • Floors/stairs:  carpet - vacuum, wood - owner preference:  sweep/dry mop, hand wash/dry/sanitize

Entrance Cleaning

  • Front door glass:  clean and polish

Bedroom Cleaning

  • Furniture:  dust

  • Beds:  straighten lines

Restroom Cleaning

  • Toilets/Sinks/Faucets:  clean and sanitize

  • Mirrors:  clean and polish

  • Shower/tub:  scrub and sanitize

  • Chrome:  polish

  • Cabinets:  spot clean outside

Living Room Cleaning

  • Furniture:  dust or vacuum including under cushion

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Counter tops/sinks:  clean and sanitize

  • Backsplash:  clean

  • Tables and chairs:  clean

  • Microwave:  clean inside and outside

  • Refrigerator:  clean front and top

  • Cabinets:  spot clean outside

  • Sliding glass door:  clean and shine

Dining Room Cleaning

  • Furniture:  dust or vacuum including under cushion

Office Area Cleaning

  • Desk/filing cabinets:  dust


*Custom Cleaning requests*

Many customers request specific custom cleaning tasks in addition to the "standard cleaning".  We can perform just about any cleaning task inside your home or office.  Popular “custom cleaning requests” include:

  • Cleaning of ceiling fans

  • Cleaning (sweep) of garage/porch

  • Cleaning of refrigerator interior

  • Cleaning of oven interior

  • Cleaning of kitchen cabinets interior

  • Cleaning of bathroom cabinets interior

  • Cleaning of trash containers interior

  • Cleaning of additional sliding glass doors

  • Cleaning of walls

  • Cleaning of fireplace

  • Your unique request/need

We travel across the St. Louis metro - Illinois area including:  O'Fallon, Fairview Heights, Belleville, Shiloh and Collinsville and St. Louis city, as well and many other cities in the surrounding area.